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I just had a message with this title. I don’t know the details, the only things that comes to my mind is “When you can defeat your opponent, make him your ally ” lol lol !

It reminds me a movie … a part of a movie actually “She’s out of control”  1989 (“Ne touches pas ma fille” in french)

She's Out Of Control

This movie was among  the comedies I enjoy a lot. It is a simple movie, with pretty smart humor. And it is well played :

  • Tony Danza (Doug Simpson)as a father that can’t let her daughter grow up,
  • Wallace Shawn (Dr Fishbinder) as the psychiatric doctor,
  • Ami Dolenz (Katie Simpson) as a girl just discover that she is pretty, and
  • Catherine Hicks (Janet Pearson) as the step mother tying up with her step daughter.

I can’t forget the “Rolling On the Floor Laughing” (ROFL – wink to Kya Rafun) moments with my family while watching this movie. And the “nemesis becoming friend”, it was about Katie’s first boyfriend Joey, a rocker teen, not into parents at all. Dr Fishbinder advice Doug to make Joey his bestfriend … And so he did, he showed him his album collection, told him about rock shows at that time and even, let him race with his car … which ended crashed by a train!

Matthew Perry (Chandler from “Friends“) debuted in this movie as the bad boyfriend!

QUOTES  Father/Daughter moment

Doug Simpson: Now, what have we learned today?
Katie Simpson: [sighing thankfully] I learned to never, never ask my dad a question he doesn’t have the guts to answer.

Truth about Men

Katie Simpson: Dad, when I broke a date with Joey he thought I was dating another guy, he followed me here. Men are so insecure!

Another big figure of the comedy just past away. Little Thoughs for Leslie William Nielsen 1926 – 2010 (“The Naked Gun Series“).

Leslie Nielsen (1926 - 2010)

May you rest in peace … and don’t make them laugh too much in paradise!

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  1. rakoutou

     /  November 30, 2010

    let people in paradise laugh
    so when you die sbdy will make you laugh as well

    • oké oké! but the problem is if Leslie Nielson make them laugh till death, I wonder where they would go …. lol lol


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