I had a friendly discussion with the Team Excell Association about Camp Excell, its organization and Excell community services.

DagoMc: Can you please introduce yourself?

Miary RANDRIANARIVELO (M.R): I am Miary, I was a Camp Excell alumna in 2010, and now I am among the board of Excell association, helping with the organization of the camp.
Fela RAZAFIARISON (F.R.): I am Fela, current President of Excell Association.
Diana RABEMANANJARA (D.R): My name is Diana, I was also an alumna last year, and now I am the coordinator of The Camp 2014.

DagoMc: Tell us more about this famous Camp Excell.

F.R.: For me, The Camp was learning with fun, being with young people passionate about English language. Camp Excell is really an opportunity to improve your English, to develop your personality and your leadership skills as “Excell” stands for Excellence in English Language and Leadership



DagoMc: And who did have that brilliant idea of learning with fun?

F.R.:  Camp Excell was created by Dr. Bert Whetstone known as Captain Bert, Mrs Deborah Orsini and Mrs Voahangy RAMANANARINORO, known as Tatie Voahangy. They are our trainers and mentors before, during and after the camp.


DagoMc: When was the first camp?

F.R.:  It started 7 years ago, in 2007. And we have had a camp every year since then. We are now organizing the 7th Camp.


DagoMc: Where does it take place?

D.R. : We try to find a new location every year. We went to Majunga, Antsirabe …


DagoMc: How many campers do you have every year?

D.R.: Around 30 young people join the camp every year. In 2013, we had 24 campers.


DagoMc: Miary, during your camp in 2010, what was your best memory?

M.R :  Definitely, The World Series.


DagoMc: Were you watching series?

M.R: No, no. It was a competition of Soft Ball. During the Camp, we were divided into teams and we competed against each other. My team won!!!!


DagoMc: Can you tell us more about the Excell Association? 

F.R.: The Camp is for 10 days in which we experience different situations. It is more than just learning English. We also talk about leadership and most of all, community service. So, whatever we are in our community, either student or worker, we couldn’t just go back home and get back to our previous life after the camp. We have asked a bunch of questions like: “what can I do for my community?”; “what can I improve?”; “what should we do?” because we talked about those things during the camp. And, Excell Association was born with those ideas of achieving something in one’s community. Of course, each camper does things at their level: in their home, at school, at work, in the neighborhood. But, we thought that it would better if we gather all campers together, so our actions would be more organized and would have more impact.



Community Service at FAZAKO center.

DagoMc: What action did the Excell Association accomplish so far?

F.R.: As far as community service is concerned, Excellers, (that’s us, members of the Excell Association) we taught English in primary public school, we donated Christmas gifts for children in remote areas. We also did tutoring on a specific subject, i.e. we had a learning session on computers

M.R And reforestation, we plant trees.

D.R.: And organizing the camp is also part of our community services.

F.L : Every year, it is one of the main activity of the Association.

DagoMc: Can we get insights about this year’s camp?

D.R.: It will be in Ambatomirahavavy, Domaine Saint Francois, from August 2nd till 10th. It is a special place where all their benefits go to an association called “CASA”. They aim to help homeless people reintegrate back into society. They teach farming and cropping for 3 years before relocating people in the rural area. The association even provides a home to live in.


Domaine Saint Francois Ambatomirahavavy

DagoMc: Interesting. Here is your chance to promote The Camp 2014. Go ahead!

F.R.: If you are young between 18 and 25

M.R … or at least think you are between those ages (lol)

F.R.: If you want to improve, speak, and even dream in English, if you want to learn about American culture and sports, if you want to know more about leadership,

D.R.: Then, come join us, you will live 10 days of fun but also wisdom! Feel free to send me an email: dagomc3000@gmail.com or call directly the 034 03 320 53/ 033 12 846 45 for further information, and don’t forget check us on Facebook 

 Thank you Excell Team . We wish you the best for this Camp in August and for all your projects.

For more information : 

Excell Fondation 

Excell Madagascar Facebook Page (like us!) 

Camp Excell 2014 Event



After the camp, you got cool T-shirt with great quote on it! Here’s my favorites : 

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” –  Albert Einstein


Excell Association will participate to the ICE Games Tournament also ! come join and support them July 19th at Gymnase Ankatso

“Join the fun, Live the game” – ICE CLUB

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