On the night of December 17th, early morning of December 18th at 1:30 am, a big “bang” woke me up. And then I could hear steps outside my house. I stood up and switched the lights on in the next room. I had a sneak pick on the door and windows, I could see flashlights through the window. I switched all the lights on in the house except the one near the door, in the living room. And I waited, wishing, whoever was outside to leave.

I was about to dial the number of my aunt living next door, when I heard a second “bang”. “They” decided to break into my house, knowing there was someone (me) inside. One, with his face covered, went straight to me, grabbed the phone in my hand.  I couldn’t press the button call. He told me with a lower voice “Stay still and sit in silence”; I executed. Another one came in, first sight on my tablet, the second one on my other phone charging near my night stand.

The first one still looking around, seeing there was nothing valuable anymore (I have a lot of junk stuff home …)  He started “Where is your money? someone like you must have money! Where is it?” I answered “I don’t bring money home”; He repeated his question, I repeated my answer. He asked a third time, I knew I couldn’t give the same answer, and I needed to give him something. I showed the money in my wallet (which they  already took; looked inside, and tossed away without noticing the money  … stupid they!). I asked them to leave my papers, they tossed the wallet outside. He continued “Where else?” By inadvertance, I looked at my backpack on the floor. My computer, my two … yes 2 Hard Drive of 1 Tera each, were officially stolen.

I was now sitting near my night stand where I put the gun. My hand was few centimeters from the drawer. First, the gun was rusty, would it still work? second, I’ve never used a gun, what if they take it from me?  Third, Am I really ready to shoot someone?  I gave up any idea of rebellion.

At some point, the lights outside were all on. My cousin living next door noticed something was wrong, my door was open, three masked guys came out of it. The whole compound had it lights on. The robbers left my house with my stuff. I screamed “Mpangalatra eee” many times, as loud as I could. My aunt and my cousin screamed too from their windows. I took the whistle and blew in it like if it was my last breath.

I could feel my heart beating very fast. I needed to sit down. All my uncles and my aunts were now in my house, panicking, screaming : “Are you ok? did they touch you? What did they take? How does they look like?” I barely answered, my head was in a slow mode. I was shaking, literally shaking, It was not cold, the weather was warm. I was just in shock. I sat on the floor, I didn’t move. They looked around, looked at the door slammed, the door that I clumsily closed that night … all of this wouldn’t have happen if I put the bar on the door …

I was lucky, they didn’t “touch” me. No physical harm, but a lot of psychological damage. “Don’t stay here tonight, they might come back”My uncle said. A home is where you feel comfortable and safe. They broke into my house while I was inside. My house wasn’t my home anymore. I spent the rest of the night at my Grandma. I couldn’t sleep. I though about my mum and dad abroad, how they worried about me being alone . They broke into my house while I was inside alone. I couldn’t sleep, I waited the morning to come.

This is the second robbery of my house. The first time was in January this year, and I wasn’t home. I always wonder, if I was there, would they still break in ? Now, I have my answer, and Damn! I don’t like that answer.

The morning is there. I need to go back to the house. I don’t know what to do. All I know is I have to stand up and go take a shower.



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  1. Oh my dear! I’m deeply sad hearing that. I want to see you. Please, come and stay at my place. At least for a while. Sweet sweet hugs!

  2. Baholy Faniry

     /  December 18, 2015

    oh sorry to hear that, please find and live in a safe place, take courage

  3. Rija

     /  December 18, 2015

    Oh so glad to hear news from you since PP, but so sad first thing I read has to be so bad news . courage

  1. 10 times my Grandma is my Shero | A Day, a Quote

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