Cheer up !

When you feel a little low in your life, nothing is better to cheer you up than an “animation movie” (or at least a good movie) Actually, with an animation movie, your chance to be disapointed is very low and the chance for you to laugh rolling on the floor is very high.

And when I mention “animation movie”, I talk about big production animation movies such as Walt Disney/Pixar (has to be both, just Walt Disney, sometimes it’s too childish), Dreamworks, 20th Fox (that are celebrating their 75th anniversary by the way), Paramount, Colombia, …

Let’s take an exemple : “Kung Fu Panda” , just seeing the title , I thought it was one of those Manga again, I hate Mangas!  Sorry !

Kung Fu Panda

But then, I discovered that Jack Black (Year One, Shark Tale : he was Lenny, the nice shark), the double Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman (Rain Man, Hook), the Oscar winner Angelina Jolie (Salt, Changeling), Luci Liu (Charlies Angles, Kill Bill), Jackie Chan (Karaté Kid, Rush Hour), Michael Clarke Duncan (Green mile, Daredevil) and the comic Seth Rogen (Knocked up, Funny People) were among the cast.

And the soundtrack composer was the famous Hans Zimmer, he just made more than 120 music films such as in Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, The Prince of Egypt. Plus , he has been nominated 6 times for the Oscar and won an Oscar for Best Music in “The Lion King“.

And the budget to make this animation movie were about 130 million dollars. But the gross it earned was about 630 million dollars, worldwide.

 And finally, this animation movie was nominated for an Oscar and won more than 12 awards.

Well, less than that, I would run to watch this animation movie. As the title said, it’s about Kung Fu and the scenes took place in China, So obviously, there were a lot of wise quotes … let’s see …

Tai Lung: You can’t defeat me! You… you’re just a big… fat… panda!
[He throws a weak punch, Po catches his hand by the finger]
Po: I’m not a big fat panda. I’m THE big fat panda.

 Hum … not exactly … NEEXT : Master Shifu to Po

“Panda, we do not wash our pits in the Pool of Sacred Tears.”

Not yet … NEEXT : Po said

“There is no charge for awesomeness  …. or attractiveness”

Oké! the best for the end, I guess you know it already : Master Oogway  to Po

 There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”