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My contribution to the “Global Voice Food Action Day” would be talking about a movie centered on food. The first movie that comes into my mind is one of the greatest productions of Disney Pixar Animation “Ratatouille” (2007). FYI, this motion picture has been nominated 4 times at the Academy Award … and won an Oscar for the “Best Animated Feature Film of the Year 2007» ….

Remy is a gifted special … rat. His world turns around food, … that’s normal !What makes him gifted is his high sens of smell and taste, what makes him special is that his gift allows him to reach another level about food : cooking. As his favorite chef : Chef Gusteau, the finest cook in France from  « Gusteau’s Restaurant », said « Anyone can cook », Remy dreams of being able to enjoy his talent and become a cook. But his family, especially his dad, has another opinion about cooking and food … Due to some events, he got separated from his family. You may call it “destiny” or “hazard” or “luck” but he found himself in the middle of Paris, in the middle of «cuisine française » …

Remy in Paris

Not only has “Ratatouille” talked about food but also showed a relationship between father and son … and many other topics. Remy has a gifted talent that his father doesn’t want to recognize: first, he’s a rat (not bird) and second, cooking is for humans (not for rats).But in real, his father fears for his son because the world might not accept him despite his gift.

We can tell the same in the real world: society we live in, has some standard that we have to follow and fit in. If not, you might be rejected! I would say “SCREW STANDARDS” Be proud of being different! Stand for who you are! Those are slaves of society, we are free in our lives!

P.S. : Don’t miss (you won’t !) the french accent from some characters in ze movie

Now, let’s go back to the main subject: FOOD … more precisely restaurant 🙂

As I work far, I don’t have time to go back home for lunch. And so, I get to know few restaurants around here : Antaninarenina – Antananarivo – MADAGASCAR. Unfortunately I don’t have picture , sorry! I will upload pictures later?

Everyday, those restaurants propose 4 or 5 sorts of “Plat du jour”. A “plat du jour” means : “Vary” (rice) pronounced [vari] + “Loaka” (meat and vegetables) pronounced [lôka]. The average price of “Plat du jour” is 2.500 Ar or 0.86 Eur or 1,19 US … how much is a sandwich from McDo? with the toy please?

Vary sy Loaka (from "Tour en Cuisine" Blog)

Actually, it’s not a very good thing to go to a restaurant all the time. A reason of that is money matter! The 2.500 Ar I said before is average just for the “Plat du jour”. But  when you are in the restaurant, you are tempted to order jus, dessert, and that thing that looks delicious but is damn expensive … The other reason is health matter. Well, meals in restaurant are tasteful but not always healthy: the fat, the too much spice in the sauce, the sauce itself, the ingredient that we never know to make it so delicious but not good for health …  SLURP!

Anyway, in my case,the best restaurant is home! the best food is what I cook … hum  sorry , what Mum cooks! but it’s a private and selective and secret and private restaurant. So, if you want to try, … hum … you won’t! :p


Father and son talk

Django: [to Remy] Food is fuel. You get picky about what you put in the tank, your engine is gonna die. Now shut up and eat your garbage.

What food are you ?

Remy: [voice over] If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.

Be Proud, people will be there for you!

Anton Ego:  The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations, the new needs friends.[ …] Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere …