Blinded by emotions

Our emotions sometimes makes us behave … strangly. When we are in love, we do things that we never expect to do.  When some of us are sad, we are so tempted by suicide and may even go for it.  When we are exicted, we overdo everything, … which turn out to be ridiculous. When we are stressed, we tend to speak loud and be nervous most of the time. And when we hate, we always tend to think for the worst about a person. And if we talk about anger, I guess  my words would be not enough strong to describe it, I prefer to suggest you this movie :  “The Upside of Anger”   

The Upside of Anger


Perturbed by her husband disapearance, Terry Ann Wolfemyer (Joan Allen) struggle hard between her new life without a husband, her new romance with Denny Davies (Kevin Costner), and her 4 headstrong daugthers (Erika Christensen, Keri Russell,  Alicia Witt and Evan Rachel Wood)…

We know Joan Allen for her bossy role in “The Bourne Supremacy”  and “The Bourne Almighty“, and she was also John Travolta’s wife in “Face off“, and was nominated three times in the Oscar . I think we don’t need to introduce anymore the twice Oscar winner Kevin Costner, for “Dances with Wolves“, in the categories Best Director and Best Pictures, not for Best Actor! But my favorite Kevin’s movie so far is “Mr Brooks“.  Among the 4 sisters, Keri Russell (August Rush, Leaves of Grass) and Evan Rachel Wood, the former ex-future soon-to-be Marylin Manson’s wife (Thirteen, Little secrets) are worth to be mentionned, the other two girls … I don’t know them that much.

QUOTES : Mother and daughters discussion

Terry Wolfmeyer (Mother): Your father is a small man. A *very* small man!
Hadley Wolfmeyer (Daughter 1): I hope you’re not referring to his genitals because that would just be gross.
Lavender “Popeye” Wolfmeyer (Daughter 2): Aww, dude, I was about to eat a string bean!

Hahaha! be careful with words when you describe someone!

… It (anger) can change you… turn you… mold you and shape you into something you’re not. The only upside to anger, then… is the person you become. Hopefully someone that wakes up one day and realizes they’re not afraid to take the journey, someone that knows that the truth is, at best, a partially told story. That anger, like growth, comes in spurts and fits, and in its wake, leaves a new chance at acceptance, and the promise of calm. …