Yes! Malagasy Movies can be great!

Lately, there was a buzz on social media about being ashamed to be Malagasy. I really hope it was to raise awareness of what is wrong (not the smartest way!), but not to promote hatred for your own country. In my case, definitively not ashamed! It is not because one or two people are idiots that I would question my own identity. I am proud of being Malagasy, and I am proud of (some of) my compatriots.

As I am fan of movies, I cannot but mentioned Malagasy work that makes me more proud of being Malagasy. Before, I’ve always avoided Malagasy movies to spare my eyes and time. However, I was amazingly surprised when I attend the “10th Rencontre de Film Court” (Short Film Festival of Madagascar) here in Antananarivo. Malagasy filmmakers are just talented and gifted…

Unfortunately, I could only seen the “Fiction Selection” diffusion. There were 7 movies in the competition. All of them, no exception, have high quality of directing : lights, sound, framing, … all those complicated technics that are key points in sharing stories, were handled masterly (if that word exists) by the directors. My favorite short film was “Anjara Paradisa – Her little piece of heaven” (2015), film by Ketaka Razafimisa.

Anjara Paradisa

The story is well written, daring, consistent without falling into cliché. The actors were believable in their roles. The directing is… well, I already said it earlier : masterly handled. The editing was well though: every scene is well exploited (no long pause of nothing), we can see coherence in each view that enhances the actors’ performance. My only critics would be the soundtrack which, if I am not mistaken, was not really considered. No wonder the film got three “Zebu d’Or” at the Festival : Best Fiction, Best Actress in leading role : Stéphanie Razakaritrimo, and Best Sound Effect.

Another film that I would love to watch isAdy Gasy” (2014) – The Malagasy Way, a documentary of 86 min by Lova Nantenaina. The movie tells stories about how resourcefulness Malagasy people are. It was selected in, at least, 9 international festivals. Now, the movie is playing on theater in France. Furthermore, it has its own page on IMDB … that is, for me, the indication that M. Lova Nantenaina plays in the heavy league.


Little anecdote : my sister was among the lucky people that saw the movie at its release in France. She likes it so much that she asks us to send for her entire family, shoes made of tire fabric…  I love you, Sis !


Tagline of “Ady Gasy” : 

       “The Chinese make things,

         the Malagasy fix them.”


**Spoiler** on “Her little piece of heaven”

  • How was your appointment at the hairdresser ?
  • … ORGASMIC …

Dedicated to a talented, exceptional human being :

Ketaka Lalaina Razafimisa (1986 – 2015)

… Gone too soon …



Public Transportation

On 11/11/11, I participated to the 11 Eleven Project. We were asked to capture a part of our day using film or photography. I took a topic that every average citizen deal with everyday : public transportation.

Recently, I’ve spent some time in Paris . Sweet memories I got from there, but what I really appreciate was the public transportation. I’m sure you expected DisneylandPark or The Eiffel Tower or any other famous places in Paris. Well, in order to reach those places, I had to use public transportation. And, I use public transportation everyday. So, I can tell the difference …

My ticket to Paris

So, before stepping outside, you know exactly online which line to take, at what time departure is and how long it will take to your destination. In stations, if you know how to read, you will never get lost. And with one card called “Navigo”, you can use any kind of means of transportation: metro, tramway or bus. Also, I was surprised when people pull out without any fear, their I-phones, I-Pads, notebooks … those expensive electronic gadgets as to spend quality time during their journey. During rush hour, they have staff to regulate the flow. And for the record, one of the best ways to discover Paris is to take the tramway from a terminal to another one.

The equivalence of “metro” in Paris would be “taxi-be” in Antananarivo. And as opposed to the metro, we always come across to some little big dilemmas while using public transportation whatever if is it to go to work or to go back home. Few examples I can speak about are: no changes (always ready for the exact fees), no real bus station (creating traffic jam), no schedule (means long wait until a bus show up or long time a bus stays in a station waiting for customers) and above all, during rush hour “the law of the strongest and the fastest” (get ready to fight and run to get in a bus!). Everyone knows this latter so well that, on Facebook, they’ve created a group called: “Si vous aussi vous êtes champion du misiska bus” means “If you too are the best to sneak in a bus”. Needless to say not to pull out even your cell phone in a taxi-be, lest to be targeted of mugging …

Started November 1st , they increased the bus fees from Ar300 to Ar400. It may seems just Ar100 difference, but it represents 33,33% rise, it means people have to adjust their budget in order to add 33,33% more for their daily transport, somehow.

As for me, it doesn’t help when you struggle to get a bus every morning. Though, it is to go to work. I am not saying “public transportation in Paris is perfect” but I just ask for a less stressful mornings …  Here is a sample of what I live everyday to go work …

On a side note,  “11 Eleven Project”- The movie will have a worldwide screening this coming 11/11/12. As for Masagascar, our dear Ambassador  Lalah and I are preparing a private screening …



The quote that made a buzz right now is :

“4 more years!”

Congratulation President OBAMA

 On the 11 Eleven Project Documentary

“The 11Eleven Project will tell the story of Planet Earth on November 11, 2011”

See you soon for the Screening !!






Madagascar Independence Day

June 25th, 2012 , I was on the road from Morondava to go back to Antananarivo. I didn’t really realize it was Independence Day’s Eve. I was still sad to leave Morondava so soon, just look at those pictures and you’ll understand why…


Allée des Baobabs – Morondava


Sunset – Morondava

Surpised I was when I discovered that in every single village, town, city we passed by, the streets were crowded : at Miandrivazo, we had to take another road because the main street was too much crowded, they had to cut it off for cars. We could see children holding their “arendrina” (lanterns) and having many stuff blinking on them, and the parents were looking after them.

We arrived around 00:30 AM in Antananarivo. We could see folks, mainly young people, walking all along the street, I guess to go back home. Surely they had to “walk” because of lack of buses or too much traffic jam, … or both after the fireworks. Some of them were well covered, conscious, even laughing and having fun. Some walked like zombies … sleepy maybe… And one I saw : two of his buddies had him on their shoulders because he couldn’t walk, this time I’m sure he was damn completely drunk !

June 26th, 2012 … well, I slept most the day… but when the sun went down, I went outside with my nephew, niece, cousins to hang their “arendrina” on.



I was a little sad I didn’t have one 😦 . My niece were so kind she said I could have her “magic stick”. It’s a stick with many little lights on it and blinks in a dark … And then we sang the famous song :

“Arendrina taratasy oooo ! may may may !

‘zay tsy faly tsy m’lalao aminay!”

(Paper lanterns! burn, burn burn!  Those  who are not happy don’t play with us)

Actually, one of the arendrina get burned … It was not mine, but it was sad anyway.



Only few people have lanterns in papers with candle inside. Nowadays, they have a plastic lanterns with a bubble light inside … I don’t like it! Those people should sing this instead then :

“Arendrina platic oooo! Lany pile, lany pile, lany pile”

(Plastic lanterns! low batteries, low batteries, low batteries)

After few firecrakers, a private little firework, many smile and laughter, everyone got back to their home.

That is how I spent my National Independence Day. I read a lots of comment saying they don’t want to celebrate the Independence Day because “Madagascar has never been independent, it’s just a disguise to hide the truth that we are still dependant, even colonized in a modern way ” or “why celebrate it? we have nothing to be proud of, just look at our situation right now …”

I don’t give a shit about all those crap! It’s not because some people f*** up that I would hate my country. Plus, it was a great occasion to spend quality time with family!

I am proud to be Malagasy. I love Madagascar, that’s why I celebrated The National Independence Day … in my way!


“It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.”
Ronald Reagan

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”
Abraham Lincoln 

“Love your country.  Your country is the land where your parents sleep, where is spoken that language in which the chosen of your heart, blushing, whispered the first word of love … ”

Giuseppe Mazzini

Picture to make you smile


The Magic Stick

11 Eleven Day

Do you know the movie : “11-11-11” ? … no? …. Me neither ! lol lol . As far as I know, it is a thriller movie, and the most important is … it is released today on theater … in US!

Another movie that is released today in UK is “The Rum Diary” with the talented Johnny Deep …. check out the trailer

Well, all this is just to introduce you to the main point : 11 Eleven Project

For the occasion, I went around town today 11/11/11 and took some pictures, talked to some folks … So, the main thing I saw was this :

Traffic Jam à Ambohijatovo

And then I though, what do make my everyday life ? … apart from movies … the answer will come soon in video …

While waiting, enjoy those pictures :

Coffee ?

Traffic Jam at Tunnel Ambohijatovo

Cheese !

Today is 11/11/11



From “The Rum Diary”

Paul Kemp: Oscar Wilde once said, “Nowadays, people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.”

On the street asking people to take people for the 11 Eleven Project

“What is it really about?”

“M’lay kosa zany feeling zany an” (That’s awesome”)