Yes! Malagasy Movies can be great!

Lately, there was a buzz on social media about being ashamed to be Malagasy. I really hope it was to raise awareness of what is wrong (not the smartest way!), but not to promote hatred for your own country. In my case, definitively not ashamed! It is not because one or two people are idiots that I would question my own identity. I am proud of being Malagasy, and I am proud of (some of) my compatriots.

As I am fan of movies, I cannot but mentioned Malagasy work that makes me more proud of being Malagasy. Before, I’ve always avoided Malagasy movies to spare my eyes and time. However, I was amazingly surprised when I attend the “10th Rencontre de Film Court” (Short Film Festival of Madagascar) here in Antananarivo. Malagasy filmmakers are just talented and gifted…

Unfortunately, I could only seen the “Fiction Selection” diffusion. There were 7 movies in the competition. All of them, no exception, have high quality of directing : lights, sound, framing, … all those complicated technics that are key points in sharing stories, were handled masterly (if that word exists) by the directors. My favorite short film was “Anjara Paradisa – Her little piece of heaven” (2015), film by Ketaka Razafimisa.

Anjara Paradisa

The story is well written, daring, consistent without falling into cliché. The actors were believable in their roles. The directing is… well, I already said it earlier : masterly handled. The editing was well though: every scene is well exploited (no long pause of nothing), we can see coherence in each view that enhances the actors’ performance. My only critics would be the soundtrack which, if I am not mistaken, was not really considered. No wonder the film got three “Zebu d’Or” at the Festival : Best Fiction, Best Actress in leading role : Stéphanie Razakaritrimo, and Best Sound Effect.

Another film that I would love to watch isAdy Gasy” (2014) – The Malagasy Way, a documentary of 86 min by Lova Nantenaina. The movie tells stories about how resourcefulness Malagasy people are. It was selected in, at least, 9 international festivals. Now, the movie is playing on theater in France. Furthermore, it has its own page on IMDB … that is, for me, the indication that M. Lova Nantenaina plays in the heavy league.


Little anecdote : my sister was among the lucky people that saw the movie at its release in France. She likes it so much that she asks us to send for her entire family, shoes made of tire fabric…  I love you, Sis !


Tagline of “Ady Gasy” : 

       “The Chinese make things,

         the Malagasy fix them.”


**Spoiler** on “Her little piece of heaven”

  • How was your appointment at the hairdresser ?
  • … ORGASMIC …

Dedicated to a talented, exceptional human being :

Ketaka Lalaina Razafimisa (1986 – 2015)

… Gone too soon …